Sisterhood of Hope | Da'Miya Brown




Postsecondary scholarships for young mothers in honor of Da’Miya Brown, East St. Louis Senior High School Class of 2021.


A coalition of mentors for Girls of Color, including professional, academic, personal, and parenting capacities.


In-person and virtual development programming surrounding critical literacy; writing and sharing our sister-stories; and advocacy for needs of Girls of Color in education

“We can cultivate a child that is very skillful, and very knowledgeable, and they still struggle In this world. But if you help to cultivate, develop, and build a child that has skills and knowledge but also has SELF, has CONSCIOUSNESS AND JOY--there's no stopping who they will become In this world. That's the goal.” -Dr. Gholdy Muhammad, author of Cultivating Genius John Doe

Expanded from the existing positive youth development model (Lerner et al. in J Early Adolesc 25(1):10–16, 2005), (Sister)Hood of Hope leans on the adapted model (Clonan-Roy, Jacobs, and Nakkula, 2016) to specifically address the experiences and contexts in which Girls of Color develop, The goal of using this framework is to “amplify girls’ of color voices and stories of complexity, contradiction, and self-determination.” (Clonan-Roy et. al, 2016). Each month, we will invite our community partners to engage, inspire, challenge, and learn from and with the girls in our program around one or more of these competencies through discussion, activity, and reflection. 

Program Structure (November 2023-June 2024)


  • 1x monthly virtual meeting regarding positive youth development  (all girls, Chicagoland and East St. Louis)

  • 1x monthly mentor outing (one-on-one with their assigned mentor)

  • 1x monthly in-person group meeting with chapter leaders (Chicagoland and East St. Louis)